Friday 24 November 2017

Wexford ready to be king of crisp market



KING crisps have developed a new cheese n' onion flavour using Wexford cheddar.

The gold coloured packet of vintage cheddar and spring onion with a Wexford logo on the front, will soon be on sale in shops all over Ireland.

Called King Gold Standard Wexford Cheddar Crisps, they are a new product from Largo Foods, the makers of King Crisps, in Ashbourne, County Meath.

' This premium variety uses the best of Wexford cheddar to bring the flavour of the Model County to the king of Irish crisps,' said a spokesman for Wexford Creamery.

The crisps come hot on the heels of a special Wexford Festival Opera edition of mature Wexford Cheddar late last year.

The partnership between Wexford Cheddar and King Crisps is a welcome step in the wider branding of Wexford and the high quality food it produces.

Already, 97% of the cheese manufactured at Wexford Creamery is exported to the UK where it is sold in all the major supermarket chains.

Wexford Creamery was established in 1963 and is uniquely owned by local Wexford milk producers.

The plant at Rocklands has a workforce of up to 70 people and processes milk from 400 County Wexford milk suppliers.

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