Tuesday 17 September 2019

Wexford student shoulder-to-shoulder with French during Paris march

By David tucker

A Wexford student was one of 1.6 million people who took to the streets of Paris on Sunday in an precedented gesture of solidarity and in sympathy of the 17 victims of two terrorist attacks in the French capital.

'France and Paris were on their knees a few days, now, after the march, they are getting back to normal,' said Cian Ryan, aged 20, a former students of Wexford CBS, and the son of Labour former councillor Joe Ryan and his wife Theresa.

On Thursday, Cian took part in a minute's silence at his university, mirroring others held throughout France in memory of the Charlie Hebdo victims.

'I've never heard a silence like it before.. you could have heard a pin drop,' he said.

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