Saturday 21 September 2019

Wexford swimmers make a splash in the US in Catalina Channel swim

By Amy Lewis

Wexford Masters Openwater Seaswimming Club made a splash in the States when they kicked off their 21 mile Catalina Channel swim in the early hours of last Monday morning.

The team of six swimmers began their swim of the choppy channel waters at midnight LA time and continued to paddle on throughout the night. James O'Connor was the first to take the plunge off the boat, which set off from Catalina Island towards the mainland.

Although the swim worked on a rotation basis, with only one swimmer in the water at once, Peter Bolger was joined by some company when a pod of dolphins appeared in the water beside him.

Friends and family were able to track the swimmers and the Outrider boat from home with an online tracker that was updated every ten minutes.

The team landed on Terranea Beach on Monday evening Irish time after 12 hours of continuous swimming. On Saturday, they took to the water once again when they taook on the Trans Tahoe Relay from Sand Harbour Beach Nevada to Skylandia Beach California.

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