Tuesday 20 August 2019

Wexford tackling flood of abandoned pets

Brigid and some of the 16 kittens she is caring for at her home.
Brigid and some of the 16 kittens she is caring for at her home.


animal welfare workers in County Wexford are being compelled to take strays home because their 'official' facilities are overwhelmed with abandoned cats and dogs.

Brigid Cullen, from the WSPCA, said she had 16 kittens at her home and the society's branch in Wexford town was currently closed to cats because of a flurry of animals, two of which were infected with cat flu.

She said she has never been busier and at times doesn't event want to answer her phone because what she hears is so distressing.

'It's an all time high. Last Thursday the Dogs Trust took 12 dogs from the pound and two were rehomed which meant the pound was empty. The following morning the pound was full again, which meant that the dog warden Johnny Colfer ended up taking five dogs home,' said Brigid.

She said that despite the avalanche of abandoned animals, the society was still receiving unrealistic calls from people who wanted their unwanted animals taken in.

'We had a call from a person wanting to re-home eight, eight-month-old Collie cross pups. We asked if the bitch had been spayed and they said they were not interested in spaying. What do you do with eight pups that have never been socialised, never been handled, they should have gone to new homes at eight weeks,' said Brigid.

She said that two weeks ago two very old dogs, one of them pregnant, was dropped at Carraig graveyard.

'Last night we got a male Shih Tzu with his whole head covered in mange.'

'I have 16 kittens at my home ready to go and Helen Dryberg who fosters animals for us has another 10,' she said.

Asked what was behind the flood of abandoned animals, Brigid said she believed that many people were 'dumping' pets, especially dogs, when they went on holiday and because they did not want to pay to put them in kennels.

'If you are going to get a dog, think of the costs and implications in the long term, micro-chipping, vaccinations, grooming, food and the other costs of keeping pets.'

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