Monday 23 October 2017

Wexford thieves caught out by home owner

By David tucker

BUNGLING thieves fled when a Wexford town home owner returned unexpectedly as they were trying to break into his house.

Joe Hunt, from Highfields, said he thought the thieves believed he and his wife Angela were out for the night after the couple went out for a drive and walk shortly before 6 p.m. last Wednesday.

However, Angela dropped him home an hour later and after going into the sitting room he heard the sound of breaking glass. When he rolled down the blinds, he saw all the glass smashed, but still wasn't sure what was happened.

However, he found he couldn't open the back patio door and then discovered his tools, which had been in a garden shed, were all over the floor and the family's dogs had been locked into their kennel.

The thieves had propped open the back gate with a gas cylinder to aid their escape.

'They had a hatchet and a screwdriver and an old chisel, they had taken from the shed, but thank God I had good security locks on the sash window.

'They couldn't get in, so they smashed it,' he said. Joe said he was lucky in the sense that the thieves didn't want a confrontation. Gardai are investigating.

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