Sunday 19 November 2017

Wexford town goes down litter league


THERE has been a slight drop in cleanliness in Wexford town which has fallen 10 places compared to two years ago, according to the latest Irish Business Against Litter (IBAL) survey.

Wexford is joint 26th out of 40 towns and cities surveyed and is clean to European norms.

In 2015, it was placed 11th and was said to be cleaner than European norms and a year earlier it had been sixth placed and was recognised as one of the cleanest towns in the country.

The 2017 survey says particularly good sites in Wexford included both North- and South Main Streets, Ardcavan Business Park and Wexford Arts Centre.

All routes leading to Wexford were also top ranking.

Main points:

• By far the most heavily littered site was the Recycle Facility at Tesco, which was in a dreadful state. Practically all the bottle units were full and overflowing - clearly in need of emptying. Alcohol cans had been crushed and deposited between the bins. A busload of Germans were looking on in disgust at this facility.

• On the R733 Arthurstown Approach Road. The overall appearance along this route was fine but care needs to be taken at a couple of recessed areas on the right hand side as one approaches Wexford.

• Approach from Gorey: There have been major road improvements along this route. This time around the presentation was very fresh with road surface, signage and markings in excellent order.

• Public Car Park off King Street and South Main Street: The section of the car park which is accessed from South Main Street was fine but the King Street section was less well maintained and littered. The perimeter areas were littered with accumulations of alcohol cans in a corner. Weeds were very pronounced and graffiti was also a feature.

• Wexford Train Station: The exterior of the station was greatly enhanced by two large terracotta planter boxes and colourful planting. The station platform was also adorned with tiered planter boxes. The area in front of the station was very clean but the bus stop shelter had heavy accumulations of cigarette butts.

• Ardcavan Business Park: The main thoroughfare of this attractively landscaped business park was excellent with a complete absence of litter throughout.

• South Main Street: It all looked particularly well and it was noticeable how clean it was.

• Wexford Arts Centre: The area outside the centre was clear of litter. The grass area was well maintained with a couple of planter boxes and seating. A new addition was the 1916 Memorial - a calm and tranquil environment. All aspects of the area surveyed were in excellent order.

• North Main Street: The whole of this street was spotless.

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