Sunday 18 March 2018

Wexford town sees an increase of three points



WEXFORD has improved its overall score by three marks in this year's Tidy Towns competition, rising from 260 to 263 on the back of gains in five categories.

The town fell in two categories, Litter Control and Tidiness, somewhat negating the gains made in the other areas. Tidy Towns judges have recommended that, in relation to those categories, that the local committee now focus its efforts on the town centre.

The areas Wexford gained in were Overall Development Approach (up one point), The Built Environment (four points), Landscaping (two points) Residential Areas (one point) and Roads, Streets and Back Areas (two points).

Wexford's Tidy Towns committee was roundly praised for its efforts during the past year, with the report also outlining a number of ways in which it could further its work in the town.

' You have a good spirit of optimism which is well founded. Wexford is a place of great character and personality and has all the assets and resources that you need to progress,' the report stated. ' You are working hard and you are broadening your horizons.'

' Wexford is a very fine town with tremendous potential,' the report stated. 'However, like many larger towns it has a set of problems which mostly have to do with convincing a minority element that environmental improvement contributes to every aspect of a town's quality of life - be that health, business, recreation, education, and the happiness of the population ultimately - and furthermore this is everybody's responsibility.'

' We see your biggest challenge in being in the Litter and Tidiness areas, and we know that this is no surprise to you. We are both amazed and somewhat shocked at the details of the amount of rubbish which you picked up during the year. You have achieved a lot,' the report stated.

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