Tuesday 21 November 2017

Wexford vet using air plasma technology in operations

By David Tucker

Dr Peter Murphy is the only vet in Ireland and the UK who is using the innovative air plasma technology.
Dr Peter Murphy is the only vet in Ireland and the UK who is using the innovative air plasma technology.

A Wexford veterinarian surgeon is using air plasma technology to precisely cut tissue at a much lower temperature while also dramatically reducing blood loss during surgery.

This means that animals have much reduced post-operative pain levels, less tissue trauma, minimal scar tissue and shorter post-operative recovery times than following standard surgery procedures.

Dr Peter Murphy from Summerhill Veterinary Hospital said he had been investigating use of this new technology since he was introduced to its inventor early last year in Turin.

Sceptical at first, but now an avid supporter of the technology, he now feels that conventional surgical scalpels may be making way for this and other new technologies.

Peter maintains the air plasma system has significantly improved the welfare of his surgical patients and the pet owners are absolutely delighted with the results. Currently he is the only vet in Ireland or the UK to use this technology.

The machine is not cheap says Peter but once the individual has been trained in its use, it quickly becomes the surgical instrument of choice, benefiting animals, owners and especially the surgeons.

Peter uses air plasma for all routine spays and castrations but has also developed surgical techniques for more sophisticated work such as tumour removal, amputations and eye procedures.

The beauty of the system is that it has not increased the operating costs, simply because it reduces the use of consumables, saves time and ensures a very clean and clear surgical environment.

Peter says that it provides the surgeon with a surgical instrument of pin-point precision which allows surgical intervention in areas which were notoriously difficult to operate.

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