Sunday 18 August 2019

Wexford will always be with Martin forever!

Martin McGuire: 'it's nice to have a little bit of Wexford with me'.
Martin McGuire: 'it's nice to have a little bit of Wexford with me'.
A close-up of Martin McGuire's Wexford tattoo.

By Sara Gahan

After years of travelling overseas Martin McGuire, from Wolfe Tone Villas, said he loved Wexford so much that he decided to get a scene of the town tattooed onto his body.

A landscape view of Wexford bridge now goes across Martin's torso with his fathers boat in the foreground and silhouettes of churches and buildings in the background.

'It is not quite finished yet as there is a lot to do still but it's nice to have a little bit of Wexford with me no matter where I am in the world,' said Martin, back home after his travels.

During a 10-year sojourn in foreign parts Martin began to yearn for his town and came up with the idea five years ago while living abroad but couldn't find any good artist that he thought would be up to the challenge.

He had been in the mining industry in Australia for seven years and then decided to travel to Brazil to open a surf bar in Itacare, a village about five hours from Rio. The bar was opened for the World Cup as it was an opportunity to make some money.

When he returned home he approached Mark Codd from Umeg Tattoo Studios and knew from his artistic work, and because he is a Wexford man, that he was the man to the job right.

Martin said anyone that has ever visited Wexford just has to take one look at his tattoo to realise it is a view of the town.

'All I did was give my ideas to Mark and he done the rest. The man is a genius with a tattoo gun. They say a picture can say a thousand words and that is exactly what Mark's tattoo of Wexford has done,' said Martin.

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