Sunday 17 December 2017

Wexford woman came face-to-face with London tube knifeman

By David Tucker

eva murphy
eva murphy

A YOUNG Wexford woman said she feared that she or one friends were going to be killed when they came face-to-face with a man at the centre of a terror attack at a London tube station.

Eva Murphy said: 'I could see about three inches of the knife and it was drenched in blood. I never looked into his eyes, I just kept looking at the knife.

'A woman skimmed past in front of us and he went for her neck and missed her. But he kept jabbing at her. We thought one of us was going to die.'

British police are investigating the incident as an act of terrorism. The knifeman seriously injured a 57-year-old man and slightly wounded another person at Leytonstone Tube Station after proclaiming his acts were 'for Syria'. He was detained after a police armed with Tasers brought him down.

Eva, aged 24, who works as a teacher in London, is from Ballylannan, Wellingtonbridge, where her mother Anne runs the Rivervalley Farmhouse guest accommodation.

'All I can say is thank God she is safe,' Anne told this newspaper, 'somebody must have been looking over her'.

Eva said she hadn't at first realised what was happening when she and her friends were she and her friends came off the tube after shopping on Oxford Street.

'We walked through the crowd and then we saw a man on the floor. His eyes were rolling back in his head. We thought he had fallen down the stairs but there was a massive pool of blood and it was so thick,' said Eva.

The man was being helped by others, so the group continued towards the exit when another man who was trying to video what was happening started shouting: 'Not safe, run.'

The 29-year-old knifeman was standing behind a whiteboard used to inform passengers of cancelled trains and at first Eva and her friends didn't at first notice him.

'We were standing two feet away from his knife, but it wasn't registering what was happening.' However, when the knifeman moved, she could see a blade sticking out from under his sleeve.

'He definitely would have caught us if he had gone after us,' she said.

'As we ran, I was screaming the name of the girl in front of me and the girl behind was screaming our other friend's name. When she started to scream I thought he'd got her.

'She had got back on the tube but it went the wrong direction. She got a taxi back and is fine, but we were really worried,' said Eva.

'We are just so blessed that nothing happened to us. It was horrible. We're okay now.'

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