Sunday 17 December 2017

Wexford's French-speaking children wanted for new organisation

By Amy Lewis

A new Wexford-based organisation is calling on francophone families to register their interest as they try to bring French-speaking children together.

Enfants Francophones de Wexford (EFW) was established to encourage children aged between five and 16 to get together for French conversation and activities. It is the brainchild of French native Sandrine, who has been living in Wexford for six years.

Sandrine hopes to receive support for this initiative from Francais Langue Maternelle (FLAM) - an organisation that aims to help francophone children to preserve their language. In order to be eligible for funding, at least 10 young people must be willing to take part.

People can register their interest through the EFW Facebook page. A meeting for parents will be organised in the coming weeks.

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