Saturday 21 September 2019

Wexford's Lawlor says kebab shop 'doner' solution to appeal

OUR councillors get asked for all sorts of weird and wonderful things, but the latest request to former Mayor Cllr George Lawlor must be near the top of the list.

A former London resident now living in Wexford town, has appealed to 'Counsellor Lawlor, in the interests of variety and equity, equality, diversity,' for a return to Wexford town of a traditional Turkish kebab shop. 'I mean a proper kebab shop with proper skewered marinated lamb chicken Kofte, cleftico, kebabs in naan bread. with real chili sauce, not the watered-down version,' says Noel Pattern in his Christmas appeal to the councillor.

'That is something Wexford so desperately needs (so) please sort it out.. if you can't can you get me grant and I will do it?' Not to be outdone, the councillor responded: 'No hope of a grant Noel, I'd say you best source of funding might be a doner!'

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