Monday 26 August 2019

Who ya gonna call? Leg-busters



THE Jedward Juggernaut almost came to a shuddering halt in Wexford after John Grimes injured his ankle during the first song of their two shows last Wednesday.

The hugely popular pop duo had just taken to the stage in front of 725 fans for their 2.30 p.m. show when John landed heavily on his ankle during one of their trademark energetic moves.

Though obviously in some pain and unable to keep up with his brother Edward, John made it to the interval, when the Talbot Hotel's Sports Massage Therapist Seán Collier was called up to examine the injury to his left leg, which was a suspected sprained ankle.

'I went up to take a look, but it had been all bandaged up already at that stage and he walked into the room on it,' said Seán. 'He didn't look like a fella with a hurt ankle the way he was hopping around.'

However, it seemed that adrenaline carried the young pop star through the performance as his ankle was badly swollen.

Given that Jedward were due back on stage shortly Seán said there was little he could do with it and while the duo hit the stage for the second half he advised their management that when the show was over John needed to rest, get his leg up and ice it.

Seán came back up between after the show, as concerns were mounting about Jedward's participation in the evening show, which was a 822 seat sell-out.

'I had a look at it and it was fairly swollen and I couldn't be sure if it was ligament damage or a leg break – it's only guesswork if you're not sure,' said Seán.

He recommended that John get an xray on his ankle just to be sure and he reckoned he would have to wait until the following day in Dublin for that to happen. However, Seán said that to his surprise, not two minutes after he had recommended an x-ray one of Jedward's management team was on the phone to a consultant at Wexford General Hospital, organising an emergency xray. John was rushed up to the hospital from the opera house for his x-ray, coming back with crutches and a wheelchair, though it's understood that any serious injury (like the torn cruciate ligament suffered by Edward in a stage fall last summer) was ruled out.

'Regardless of what the injury was he needed to take the weight off it anyway,' said Seán.

In true showbiz style, the show went on Wednesday night – much to the delight of the hundreds of Jedward fans - with John on crutches for a large part of it and in a wheelchair for other songs.

The duo were already well-versed in how to handle the situation after Edward's injury last year, which saw him on crutches for several concerts, including the Dunbrody Festival in New Ross.

Though the injury failed to dampen spirits in Wexford Opera House last Wednesday, it did force the cancellation of a concert in Longford on Thursday night, where hundreds of fans were disappointed.

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