Monday 23 October 2017

Widows to hold annual seminar in Wexford

By david Tucker

THE National Association of Widows of Ireland is to hold its annual seminar at White's Hotel in Wexford early next month.

While the association does not currently have a Wexford branch, it hopes that local widows may join it at the seminar, which runs from October 11 to 15. The association was founded in 1967 by Ms Eileen Proctor and now has branches in most counties.

Over the years he tenacity and strength of character helped her to lobby successive governments, bringing about significant reforms in social welfare and taxation which greatly improved the quality of life for widows, many of whom had been left impoverished and alone following the deaths of their husbands.

More than 100 members of the association are expected to attend the seminar, which will include visits to places of interest.

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