Wednesday 24 January 2018

Woman escapes from blazing car

car fire kilmore quay
car fire kilmore quay

A WOMAN escaped from a blazing car on the pier at Kilmore Quay on Wednesday.

The incident was witnessed by Wexford’s ‘Tweeting Goddess’ Samantha Kelly who said the woman told her she smelled something burning and a passerby, who just happened to be an engineer, urged her to get out of the vehicle, an Opel Insignia, quickly.

‘She got out with her keys and purse, and then the car went on fire, but she was grand,’ said Samantha, who posted images of the car fire online.

‘Everyone else was more frightened than she was.. it was scary though, the tyres were popping. It was a diesel and didn’t explode,’ said Samantha. If the car had been a petrol model the fire would have been more fierce.

Samantha said the woman had gone to Kilmore Quay for a bag of chips and to chill after work.

‘That’s all I wanted to do as well, get a bag of chips and go for a romantic stroll,’ said Samantha.

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