Tuesday 20 August 2019

Woman walked out after six and a half hour A&E wait

David tucker

A RETIRED Castlebridge woman said she walked out of the A&E Department at Wexford General Hospital last week after being kept waiting for six and a half hours without seeing a doctor.

'I suffer from asthma and was sent to the hospital by the clinic (in Grogan's Road),' said Anne Scallon.

'I am on an inhaler and was having trouble breathing, but after so long I couldn't wait any longer, so I just got up and left,' she said.

Anne blames the government for the unacceptably long delays at the hospital and says that things with the coalition in power are as bad as they were under Fianna Fáil.

'They are all as bad as each other,' she said. 'I have worked all my life and this is how I am being treated.'

'I called John Browne and read him the riot act and just now I'll probably have Tony Dempsey and some of the others knokcing on the door and looking for votes. I know what I'll tell them all,' said Anne, from the Oldtown area of the village.

While it's not HSE policy to comment on individual cases, Lilly Byrnes, General Manager at Wexford Hospital, said last week that the A&E had been inundated with people with more than 100 a day attending the unit over the past few weeks.

She said as a result the hospital's standard of seeing 90 per cent of patients at the A&E within six hours had slipped, however, she did not comment on how long the longest waiting time had been since the current surge in patients had begun with the onset of so-called clinical winter.

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