Sunday 20 October 2019

Woman's assault case is adjourned

A WOMAN charged with assaulting a man outside a pub, had her case adjourned at Wexford District Court .

Sandra Kelly, 7 Seaview Avenue, Trinity Street has pleaded not guilty to assaulting Kevin Bradley at the Bullring on March 12, 2011.

Mr. Bradley told the court he was in Macken's pub with a friend David Kirwan when the defendant came up and started verbally abusing him.

He said there was a lot of cursing and swearing about work he had done for her mother.

She claimed he had ripped her off and demanded that the music be turned down so everyone could hear what she was saying.

Mr. Bradley said he was shocked at what was happening and left the pub with Mr. Kirwan.

He was outside having a cigarette when the defendant came out and started shouting abuse again.

She pushed him back and was poking at him. He told her to ' leave it' and then she slapped him in the face.

He reacted by pushing her away and she fell back.

He could see blood coming from her nose. She wanted her boyfriend and he went back into the pub to get him.

The boyfriend wanted to go for him then. He swung at him but he moved away and he fell.

In reply to Inspector Pat Mc Donald, Mr. Bradley said he had done work on a patio for the defendant's mother.

In answer to solicitor Martin Lawlor Mr. Bradley said a patio slab cracked and he went back and replaced it.

When a second slab cracked, he didn't get back to replace it and he received an abusive voice mail from the defendant. After that, he didn't want to go back. Mr. Lawlor produced a laptop computer with CCTV footage from outside Macken's on the night.

He showed it to Mr. Bradley who found it difficult to identify the images on it.

'This is not satisfactory,' said Judge Gerard Haughton, adding that if it was being introduced as evidence, everyone in the courtroom should be able to see it.

He adjourned the case to July 16 so that proper arrangements could be made to show the footage on a T.V. screen.

'The public are entitled to see in what circumstances justice is being administered,' he said.

'It can't be done by everyone sitting around a little computer.'

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