Friday 23 August 2019

Women Water Warriors in action in Wexford

Women Water Warriors in action.
Women Water Warriors in action.


A WEXFORD branch of the self-proclaimed Women Water Warriors has been established promising to remove the water meters of anyone asking them to do it for them.

'Brilliant news for the people of Wexford, due to the volume of message requests we were getting from Wexford, it was blatantly obvious they wanted their meters out, but there was no way we could cope with demand,' Women Water Warriors said on social media, their normal means of communication.

'Luckily enough, we had a girl who was more than willing to set up her own crew and theyb are more than happy to remove meters from all over Wexford.'

The group says it will send requests on the Wexford crew through the Facebook private messaging service.

Women Water Warriors says it will not stop until all meters are removed from the ground.

'Together we will put a stop to Irish Water.'

The national group, a collective of women coming together for civil obedience and direct action, was formed last month and already has thousands of likes on its Facebook pages, which include videos of its members removing water meters.

Under the Water Services Act 2007, it is an offence to 'remove, damage, or impair' the proper working of a water meter.

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