Sunday 20 October 2019

WSPCA rescues starving horse dumped in a field

The starving horse rescued by the WSPCA.
The starving horse rescued by the WSPCA.

By David Tucker

A STARVED and emaciated horse is in the care of the WSPCA after being dumped in a field on the outskirts of Wexford town.

Cabrini Desmond from the WSPCA was alerted to the horse's plight last Thursday, by a member of the public.

'When we went out to assess its condition, we found an extremely emaciated bay mare. She was almost completely skin and bone, her spine was up and her hip bones were sticking out. She was extremely lethargic,' said Cabrini.

The gardai and landowner were contacted and the horse is now in the care of the WSPCA.

Cabrini said the horse was either a thoroughbred or semi-thoroughbred and could take eight or nine months to get back into decent condition, if she pulls through.

She said she thought the horse had been dumped because of her condition.

'She wasn't micro-chipped and legally people are supposed to micro-chip their horses.'

Cabrini said that that without the help of the member of the public who spotted her, her horse may well have died.

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