Tuesday 15 October 2019

Yates scores own goal with Roche put down

Stephanie Roche in Zurich on Monday at the FIFA Ballon D'Or awards ceremony.
Stephanie Roche in Zurich on Monday at the FIFA Ballon D'Or awards ceremony.
Newstalk presenter Ivan Yates.

By david looby

IT'S a goal which has the world talking and it was scored in Wexford, but for Newstalk presenter and Wexford man Ivan Yates, it was more befitting Sunday league football than a Puskas Goal of the Year award.

Stephanie Roche's three touch wonder goal for Peamount United against Wexford Youths was adjudged by football experts to be among the three finest strikes in the world last year - coming in second behind James Rodriguez's stunning strike for Colombia in the World Cup and Robin van Persie's acrobatic header against Spain in the same competition.

Speaking live on radio on Monday morning on the day of the awards in Zurich, Mr Yates controversially described the decision to include Roche's goal as tokenism because she is a woman and 'sham amateurism' because it was scored at Ferrycarrig Park and not in a world cup stadium.

Roche's goal was caught on camera by John Flood of Flood's Centra, Ramsgrange and he laughed when he heard the presenter's comments. Former Wexford Youth's Women's Manager John said: 'Everyone is entitled to their opinion. It was just Ivan being controversial. Maybe he should come to watch a few women's soccer games.'

Mr Flood said it could be argued that mistakes were made in defence, but stressed that the same argument could be made about the other goals.

The video of the goal went viral shortly after it was uploaded to Youtube and it has brought County Wexford to the attention of hundreds of thousands soccer fans across the world.

And while the whole country has been backing Roche to win by voting for her, Mr Yates spoke out against the goal when Chris O'Donoghue wished Roche all the best in the vote.

'Ah, it's the height of tokenism. She was playing for Peamount United! Give me a break.

'To compare Van Persie, a world class goal in a World Cup. I mean, what sort of defence would Wexford Youths put up? The fact of the matter of it is, it's tokenism because she's a woman. It's sham amateurism,' he scoffed.

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