Monday 16 September 2019

Yogi's 14 St Bernard pups in 24 hours could be a record


YOGI, A TWO and a half year old St. Bernard, gave her owners a very special surprise this weekend.

The pedigree pooch was expected to deliver her first litter of pups. However, it came as quite a shock when she delivered a staggering 14!

Although it is yet to be confirmed it is thought that this may be a record for the most pups delivered by a St. Bernard.

Her owner, Yvonne Doyle, who is originally from Skerries in Dublin but has been living in Ballymurn village since 1997, explained that she knew she was in pup and was busy making all of the preparations to welcome between six and eight dogs, which is the average number of pups which a dog of this breed would generally give birth to at any one time.

Yogi delivered her first pup at 5.30 a.m. on Sunday morning and gave birth to her 14th almost 24 hours later at 5 a.m. yesterday (Monday) morning.

Yvonne and her seven-year-old son, Pierce, witnessed the birth of all fourteen dogs at their kennel in their home under a special red light, designed to keep the dogs warm during the birth and after their delivery.

It is extremely unusual for a St. Bernard to deliver this many pups at the one time. Yvonne believes that this may even be a record.

'I've been looking it up online and and as far as I can see the only other case happened back in 2007 when a woman in the U.K. had a St. Bernard who delivered 13', said Yvonne.

Sadly four of Yogi's pups did not survive and the family are arranging to bury them.

All fourteen pups are pedigree as Yogi was bred with another St. Bernard, by the name of Buddy. Each pup weighed between a pound and a pound and a half.

Yogi is now recuperating on a quilt in the family's living room with her ten surviving pups around her.

'For such a big animal, she is like a ballerina tip-toeing around her pups', explained Yvonne.

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