Tuesday 24 October 2017

Yorkie found beneath leaves in Castlebridge

The Yorkie looking for its owner.
The Yorkie looking for its owner.

the WSPCA is appealing to the owner of a badly-injured Yorkshire Terrier to contact them after the animal was found 'flattened' under piles of leaves in Castlebridge.

Brigid Cullen said the partially-sighted terrier was found by children out trick or treating in the village.

'At first they walked past it because they thought the wind was stirring the leaves, but they went back and checked and found the dog with its legs splayed out and flattened as it if had been walked on,' she said.

Brigid said it was unclear whether it was a case of cruelty or whether the dog had been walked up by people unaware that it is was beneath the leaves.

'Its an old dog, it doesn't have any teeth and underneath its tummy is all scraped, but it had been recently very tightly clipped,' she said.

'I could have got out on an older person.'

If you recognise the dog, call the WSPCA on 053 9143919.

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