Monday 22 January 2018

Young driver owes his life to emergency services

By David Tucker

Stephen Scallan is recovering in Cork University Hospital.
Stephen Scallan is recovering in Cork University Hospital.

A young Wexford man owes his life to the skills of the emergency services and a farmer conscripted into his rescue after his car turned over in a ditch on the Kilmore Road.

Stephen Scallan, a son of well-known Wexford businessman Philip Scallan, was flown direct from the accident scene to the trauma centre at Cork University Hospital by helicopter after rescuers, including farmer Paedar Cullen, used a digger with a fork on it to lift the sports car high enough for him to be freed from the wreck.

Stephen's family said they were very grateful to the emergency services and for 'their expertise and quick action.'

'He's in a much better position than he was expected to be in and though he's substantially recovering, he still has a long way to go. We appreciate all the messages of support we have had from the community and from around the country,' the family said.

The car, one of two vehicles involved in the accident, ended up upside down in a dry roadside ditch which would normally have been full of rainwater.

The other three men were all taken to hospital by ambulance. All four men involved in the accident are in their 20s.

Wexford Fire Brigade said that at one stage, they had to enlist the aid of Mr Cullen who used his digger to lift the smashed up car to allow rescuers to gain access to Mr Scallan, who is recovering at Cork University Hospital. The fire fighters used an air bag to lift another of the cars.

'There were two people in each of the cars. When we arrived, one of them had already been removed to gone to hospital,' said a fire brigade spokesman, adding that all four injured men were treated at the scene of the crash which happened at around 12.50 p.m.

The two cars involved in the accident were a Honda and a Volkswagen.

Two fire service crews, four ambulance vehicles, two advanced paramedics, an ambulance officer, gardai and the air ambulance Medevac 112 from Athlone attended the accident which happened over the busy June Bank Holiday weekend, although full details of the rescue operation have only emerged this week.

'It was a text book operation and that's what we endeavour to do every time we are called out,' said Wexford Mayor Cllr Ger Carthy, who is an advanced paramedic.

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