Sunday 17 December 2017

Young driver says doughnut on basketball court 'stupid'

A YOUNG man who did a 'doughnut' in his car on the basketball court of his former school told a judge in Wexford Circuit Court that it was 'a stupid mistake'.

Joseph Sinnott, Quitchery, Wellingtonbridge appealed against a dangerous driving conviction imposed in the District Court.

The charge arose from an incident in Bridgetown Vocational College on December 14, 2010.

He was ordered to do 120 hours community service instead of five months in prison and was banned from driving for three years.

He did not have any previous convictions at the time.

Judge Barry Hickson confirmed the conviction but reduced the disqualification order to two years.

The court heard that the defendant entered the grounds of Bridgetown Vocational College at lunchtime and drove onto the basketball court where he did a 'doughnut', spinning the car around before leaving.

There were staff members and students in the area at the time.

The defendant had left the school about four months earlier.

He had just bought the car and was showing it off to his friends.

The defendant said he regretted the incident every day and would like to apologise to the school, the teachers and the students.

Now 21 years old, he was 19 when the incident happened.

Asked by the judge what kind of car it was, he said it was a Honda Civic.

Ed King, solicitor asked the Circuit Court to reduce the dangerous driving charge to careless driving. He said the defendant had almost completed his community service.

'We all make mistakes but this was beyond a mistake. There was calculation involved. He was trying to prove something to his former teachers or students,' said the Judge. 'He has proved himself unworthy to hold a licence.'

Judge Hickson reduced the driving ban to two years.

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