Tuesday 19 November 2019

Young Wexford dancers perform show in Disneyland Paris

Members of the Wexford School of Ballet and Performing Arts in Disneyland Paris.
Members of the Wexford School of Ballet and Performing Arts in Disneyland Paris.

Maria Pepper

Members of the Wexford School of Ballet and Performing Arts spent three days in Disneyland Paris, performing and enjoying all the attractions.

The exciting visit followed an invite last year to principal Suzanne O'Leary for the school to audition for a performance slot in the massive Videopolis Theatre in Disneyland.

This set the ball rolling on an adventure of a lifetime with WSBPA members auditioning by videolink and being accepted as one of the performing troupes.

Choreography rehearsals and costume planning followed along with the booking of 37 flights and other arrangements.

The Wexford group performed the Paris show comprising five different genres including ballet, contemporary, jazz, modern and hip hop for an appreciative audience of family members and friends in the Jerome Hynes Theatre in the National Opera House before leaving for Disney

On arrival in Disneyland Paris, the group had a parade audition with other international troupes and were delighted to win the top slot and the honour of leading a colourful parade through Disney park.

Dance rehearsals took place in the Videopolis Theatre followed by a short break and an impromptu run-through in a quiet area of the park before the show.

'The excitement was unreal. The dancers smashed the performance, they burst onto a massive stage and immediately took control', said a proud Suzanne. Afterwards, praise flooded in from Disney representatives and audience members.

The parade followed and was led by the Wexford group who danced through the Disney main street, beaming with happiness.

'The students represented the school, Wexford, Ireland, their families and above all themselves with great professionalism', said Suzanne.

'After all the hard work, they received free passes to the two Disney parks and returned home the next day still singing and dancing their way through the airport. It was a magical experience for them with memories to cherish for a lifetime'.

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