Wednesday 16 October 2019

Youngsters shine on the Community Games stage

Leah Gammell, Gorey, gold medal winner, and Una Maguire, Ballycaney, silver medal winner, in under 14 solo singing.
Leah Gammell, Gorey, gold medal winner, and Una Maguire, Ballycaney, silver medal winner, in under 14 solo singing.
Taking part in the Community Games "Stage Events" in Raheen Hall on Wednesday evening was Sarah Byrne (Bree Davidstown)

There's much more to Community Games than the activities on the running track or in the swimming pool, as youngsters from around County Wexford demonstrated in a number of finals.

The Newbawn/Raheen Area hosted the cultural activities in Raheen hall recently. Brigid Kavanagh acted as M.C. for the evening and the audience were treated to an good music, recitations, drama sketch, solo and group singing and solo and group music.

Although the numbers were small, the standards in all events was very high and these young children showed such maturity and knowledge of their instruments and their singing. Well done to all who competed so well and thanks to the local committee for all their help and assistance and for providing everyone with a lovely cup of tea and refreshments.

Thanks also to all who helped with the stage settings, amplification and sound and to the adjudicators James Murphy, Pat Murphy, Theresa Buckley, Liam Sharkey, John Reilly.

In Recitation, there were two young girls from the BBBCR area (Ballycanew, Ballygarrett, Ballyoughter, Camolin and Riverchapel) taking part in the under 12 section. First up was Ava Carroll with a piece 'Summertime' which she wrote herself. This was a well performed piece. Ava was a little nervous to start but grew in stature as the piece progressed. Not easy to stand on stage on your own in front of an audience. S

She was followed by Aoibh O'Toole, also from the BBBCR Area, who performed 'The Pig'. This was a good performance of a classic poem, the phrasing and diction was good and she delivered her piece very well indeed. Aoibh was declared the gold medal winner and Ava received the silver medal.

In the Recitation under 16 section there was one contestant, Sarah Byrne from the Bree/Davidstown Area. Sarah recited 'The Cavan Bull'. She had great confidence on stage, with good diction and phrasing and she finished strongly.

There was just one group in action in Drama Sketch Under 14, from the local Newbawn/Raheen Area, who acted out 'The Miracle Medicine Machine'. The team consisted of Cathal Doyle, Ava Furlong, Sam Furlong, Matthew O'Neill, Colin Stephenson and Meadbh Wickham. The sketch was performed very well with good special effects. This was good entertainment value and all the youngsters were able actors.

In under 14 Solo Singing we had Leah Gammell, Una Maguire and Aoibh O`Toole from the BBBCR Area as well as Olivia Davies from the Newbawn/Raheen Area.

Leah took to the stage with ease and oozing confidence for a young girl. Her song choice was 'Colours of the Wind'. She had a very clear voice with good tone and clarity and put her song across really well.

Olivia Davies from Newbawn/Raheen delivered two very good song choices and although the backing track was a little high for her she continued in a confident manner. Her song choices were 'Rather Be' and 'Wake me Up'.

Una Maguire from BBBCR gave a wonderful rendition of 'Isle of Hope, Isle of Tears'. This was a difficult song for one so young to sing, but Una gave a beautiful interpretation of the song. She had a lovely tone to her voice, good clarity and the phrasing was also excellent.

Aoibh O'Toole from BBBCR, yet another talented young girl, delivered 'I see the Light'. Great song choice again, good stage presence and a good interpretation of the song. Really enjoyable contest.

The gold medal went to Leah Gammell, the silver medal to Una Maguire and the bronze medal to Aoibh O'Toole. In the Under 16 section, there was just one contestant, the very able Sarah Byrne from the Bree/Davidstown Area.Sarah is an excellent singer and performed 'I Dreamed a Dream' with such confidence and great expression and she had good clarity and phrasing. Another great performance.

In Group Singing there were two groups from the BBBCR Area. In the first group Amy Costello and Una Maguire performed 'The Travelling Soldier'. Two confident young girls on stage who really complimented each other in their singing. The harmonisation was excellent and the song suited them well. Grace Davis and Katelyn Tomkins performed 'Somewhere Only We Know'.

Again two very good voices which blended well together and they gave a sharp and confident performance.

Seven youngsters took the stage in the Solo Music category, with a variety of musical instruments. Well done one and all. What wonderful talent. First up was Sean Og Doyle from BBBCR performing Terry Teehan's polka and The Kilavil jig on the banjo. Solid performance with good rhythm and style.

Katie Feeney from the Castlebridge/Crossabeg Area gave us a rendition of Gallaghers Frollicks and Lad O'Byrnes on the accordion and was well received by the audience. Dandan Walsh from the BBBCR Area was a very young performer whose rendition of Minuet by Boccherini on the violin was a tough choice. However she proved her versatility and was full of confidence on stage.

Diarmuid Murphy from the Newbawn/Raheen Area came out on stage with his flute and performed a slow air and a reel with super confidence. He was followed by Rachel Power from Adamstown who was also a flute player.

Her choice of material was The Water is Wide. She too was a confident player and oozed talent.

Next up was Una Maguire from BBBCR with the guitar and her choice was Etude by Coste and a waltz from Sonata 9. These youngsters had some very difficult pieces, but made them seem quite easy to perform. Una was no exception to that and she presented herself very well and looked comfortable with the guitar and was well received.

Laura Dooley from the Adamstown Area brought this excellent competition to an end with her rendition of The Connacht Wan's Ramble and The Bell Table on the tin whistle. Again very confident and good clarity.

The gold medal was awarded to Diarmuid Murphy from the Newbawn/Raheen Area with the silver going to Una Maguire from the BBBCR Area and the bronze going to Rachel Power from Adamstown. Marvellous entertainment.

Ciaran English from the Newbawn/Raheen Area was the only competitor in the under 16 section and he performed a hornpipe and a reel on the concertina. Ciaran was very relaxed on stage and note perfect. A perfect way to end a perfect competition.

There was just one group in the Group Music section. The team of Diarmuid Murphy, Tom Roche and Ciaran English performed Hammy Hamilton's Jig and John Brennan's Reel on flute, banjo and concertina. They blended well together and produced a lovely sound. Please notes that any area wishing to compete in the Model-Making competition should contact the Games Director as soon as possible. There is competition for boys and girls in Under 10, under 12, under 14 and under 16. The Clongeen Area have offered to run the event.

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