Saturday 22 September 2018

Your hospital needs you says campaigning Wexford General Hospital

One of the signs at Wexford General.
One of the signs at Wexford General.

By David tucker

WEXFORD General Hospital is actively and visiblly recruiting for its nursing and midwifery teams.

Huge new signs proclaiming the recruiting drive appeared outside the hospital over the weekend and have already led to approaches from Dublin-based nurses eager to move to Wexford.

Margaret Curran, the Director of Nursing and Midwifery at Wexford hospital, said that while staff recruitment was continuous and there had already been two competitions this year, it was decided to boost the campaign for qaulified nurses through highly-visible and attractive signage 'due to its continuous nature'.

'It's continuous rather than putting it in the papers or on social media,' she said, adding that the signage had been well received. Ms Curran said she had vacancies for between 20 and 30 nurses on the general side with five to eight in midwifery, which were the most critical because of the specialist qualifications that were demanded to work in midwifery in Ireland which ruled out a lot of would-be candidates from some countries overseas.

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