Tuesday 20 August 2019

You're banned from our parade

David Tucker

POLITICIANS have been warned to stay away from Wexford's St. Patrick's Day parade, but members of the lesbian and gay community are welcome to march.

'There is a blanket ban on politicians taking part,' said parade secretrary John Fowler. He said the Wexford parade organisers had no issue with members of the gay and lesbian community taking part in the parade, as was the case in New York.

'We are non-sectarian and non-religious and have no issue with things like that,' he said. Politicians and fringe political groups are, however, another matter.

'This is a family date and anything to be associated with it will not be allowed to take part in or disrupt the parade in any way.

'We ask anyone thinking of turning up and trying to make a political point on the day to stay away,' said Mr Fowler.

With local elections just around the corner, organisers are concerned that some of the fringe political groups may literally attempt to 'jump on the bandwagon' on March 17.

Mr Fowler did not say how politicians would be dealt with if they did turn up.

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