Monday 11 December 2017

You're no oil painting ...OH YES I AM!

DANIEL FURLONG'S cherubic looks have brought him many fans, but now he can say he's a real oil painting - officially.

For well known Dublin-based portrait artist Pat Phelan was so moved by Daniel's innocence and purity during the all Ireland Talent Show he asked to paint his picture.

According to Daniel's mum Theresa, when the 13 year old won the competition a letter arrived at St. Peter's College from Pat Phelan - who is now in his 80's - asking if Daniel would sit for a free gratis portrait.

Obliging as always Daniel went to Dublin and sat for the portrait, which was presented to him last week by the artist and his wife Nora. In an inscription at the back of the portrait, Pat said that Daniel had given great pleasure to Irish audiences with his voice and his 'unspoilt manner had shone through at all times'.

'It was so lovely of him to paint a portrait of Daniel. They are such a lovely warm hearted couple,' said Theresa this week.

The portrait now takes pride of place in the Furlong family home in Taghmon.

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