Thursday 22 August 2019

A pleasant surprise for Nancy's 80th birthday

Nancy and her friends at the Whitford House Hotel.
Nancy and her friends at the Whitford House Hotel.

Nancy French from Maudlintown took a well-deserved break from work to celebrate her 80th birthday in the Whitford House Hotel.

Nancy, who works in Tesco in Wexford, received a huge shock when 20 of her colleagues decided to hold her a surprise party in honour of the occasion. According to Teresa Murphy, who works with Nancy, she had no idea what they had in store for her.

'She thought that she was going out with just two of us from work,' she said. 'She was absolutely delighted to see us all there.'

Nancy has worked in the Tesco store for over 15 years, since she moved from the old Wexford premises. She is described by Teresa as a hard worker and a 'pleasure to work with'.

'She is like a mammy to us all there,' she added.

In honour of the time and dedication that she has given to her current job as a cleaner, her colleagues bought her a cake in the shape of a hoover.

'She really enjoyed that,' laughed Teresa.

Following a 'fantastic' meal, the guests remained in the hotel where they chatted and gave Nancy gifts. According to friends, Nancy 'had a ball' at the party, which she stayed at until 11pm.

'She still carries on,' said Teresa. 'As always, she had to be up at 4.30am the next day for work!'

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