Friday 18 October 2019

All eyes on The Talbot

THE TALBOT Hotel once again is a hub of activity during the Wexford Festival Opera, with a vast variety of arts and crafts on display. Whilst there are too many beautiful exhibitions on display to go into detail about each of them individually, a number of them immediately catch the eye.

Darragh Treacy's exhibition contained a variety of beautiful oil paintings, however most notable were his detailed depictions of predominantly French and Italian streetscapes which really pull the viewer in and gives them a real sense of a bustling Mediterranean streets. It's Darragh's first time exhibiting at Wexford Festival Opera and when asked how he's enjoying the experience he said: ' The days have been long, but overall it's been great so far.'

Someone who is anything but a newcomer to the Wexford Festival Opera is Iris Dungan. At the ripe old age of 92 and enjoying her 35th year exhibiting at Wexford Festival Opera, Iris has seen it all in relation to the Festival. 'It gets better every year,' Iris said. 'I love coming here and meeting the people.'

Iris's passion is Lapidary, which is the skill of cutting and polishing precious and semi-precious stones. Iris used to exhibit her work all over the country, however The Wexford Festival Opera is now the only place she still displays her jewellery, owing to the fact that she is a local (living in Enniscorthy) and the fact that the Wexford Festival offers a warmth that she has experienced nowhere else.

Another artist who's work really jumps out at you is Simone Walsh, who's beautifully colourful and slightly eccentric paintings done in acrylic paint and glazes almost has a certain threedimensional quality to it.

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