Sunday 21 January 2018

Anniversary joy for Wygram Nursing Home

Eileen Underwood and Maudie O'Connor
Eileen Underwood and Maudie O'Connor
John Reville, Ray Rossiter and Nancy Reville
Julia Doyle and James White
Betty and Sean Harpur
Imelda and Betty Hurley
Bridget Whelan and Eileen Lacey
Mike Furlong and Mary Clancy

Staff and residents at Wygram Nursing Home joined together for a grand celebration to mark one year to the day that the nursing home first opened its doors.

On May 11 2015, the nursing home on Davitt Road took in their first members of staff and one week later, the first resident was welcomed into the home. A year on, the nursing home employs 85 members of staff who care for their 64 residents.

Reflecting on the last 12 months, Director of Operations Seamus Killeen said that they are very pleased with the response that Wygram has received.

'We have been receiving new residents on a regular basis and are increasing staff numbers to deliver care,' he said. 'We are very pleased with the response of the local people and we are also pleased that all of our residents are happy and content with the delivery and standard of care provided for them.'

In honour of the anniversary, Fr Aodhan Marken led a special mass. This was followed by a celebratory party, which was attended by staff, residents and some of their family members.

'It was a great celebration,' said Seamus. 'We had a big singsong and a great laugh.'

At present, there are no plans to expand Wygram Nursing Home. However, Seamus said that their immediate plan is to bring Wygram up to its full capacity of 71. It is expected that this will happen in the coming months.

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