Monday 27 January 2020

Anwyn's amazing creations

Talented teen wins top award for her spooky Manga and anime inspired imaginative art

One of Anwyn's creations
One of Anwyn's creations

David Looby

Anwyn Breen Fleming is a name to look out for. Going by the name Dangerously Unstable on Instagram, the Dunganstown teenager won a major art award in May.

Anwyn attends New Ross CBS and her ambition is to become a professional animator. The last couple of competitions she won were online and some meant her piece was used as the art website page profile, while another was published in a small art magazine.

Her mother Susan said: 'She's 15 and has been creative since she was a toddler. We travelled a lot when she was very young and she always had a notebook and pencils with her. Even as a three or four year old her amazing imagination was visible. She would craft amazing little figures from serviettes if we were in a restaurant or make pictures with leaves or berries when playing outside.'

All through primary school Anywyn created hundreds of comic books and journals, and in the last couple of years has moved onto digital art and animation.

'She has always loved anything spooky or macabre, and it really shows in her pictures!' Susan said.

'She also loves Manga and anime. Some of her favourite studios are Cartoon Saloon and Studio Ghibli.'

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