Thursday 22 August 2019

As close as you get to the real thing


Formula 1 2011 builds on the significant success of Codemaster's 2010 F1 title by improving the most impressive features and rectifying its many flaws. Both gameplay and visual details seem much better and the newest Co-op Championship mode presents an incredible new way for friends to experience the F1 Championship season together.

Along with an updated and altogether more vibrant colour palette, the game's audio now accurately mimics the real deal.

Engine sounds are now much more brutal and aggressive, as are the gear change effects and the sound of the car hitting the rev limiter.

F1 2011 is not so much a driving game as it is a driving simulator.

You can choose from a variety of assists, such as traction control, braking help, and a dynamic racing line, but the series still doesn't include any tutorials to help beginners feel more at home with the incredible acceleration, braking and cornering speed of an F1 car.

However, the alterations to the car physics makes this one of the most authentic racing simulations around, putting the F1 series on par with the likes of Gran Turismo 5.

Should you lose control of your vehicle, you'll quickly become acquainted with F1 2011's detailed damage system.

With a big enough impact you can knock off various parts of your F1 car, and the loss of parts will impact your handling in a variety of ways.

In addition to your standard career and single-race Gran Prix modes, F1 2011 now includes a new scenario-based time attack game called Proving Grounds. Here, you are given a specific car, weather type and circuit and you must set the quickest lap time you can, without being able to alter the car setup or tire choice.

F1 2011 is a fantastic sequel to an already blossoming series by Codemasters. It accurately captures the fragility and beauty of the F1 vehicle for the first time and is a solid addition to the franchise.

A definite recommendation.

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