Saturday 14 December 2019

Blindboy to bring his podcast to The Presentation Centre

Blindboy Boatclub: at the Presentation Centre in Enniscorthy on April 14.
Blindboy Boatclub: at the Presentation Centre in Enniscorthy on April 14.

There aren't too many people left in this country that aren't aware of Blindboy Boatclub. At this stage it's hard to say just what category he falls into - comedian, musician, author, political and mental health activist - all are strings to his ever increasing bow. With his latest venture, the Blindboy Podcast, achieving massive popularity with over 150,000 weekly listeners, the Limerick man is set to take it to a live setting for a special night in The Presentation Centre on April 14.

Those who listen to Blindboy's podcast will know it's an eclectic mix. You never quite know where things will go. However, whether taking a journey through art history, exploring different theories in relation to the human condition, taking a look at some fascinating snippets of history or examining Ireland through a post-colonial lense, Blindboy is always a fascinating and engaging character in his approach. The podcast came about as a promotion tool for his book of short stories 'The Gospel According to Blindboy' which may actually surprise you as being a bona fide literary tour de force.

Regular listeners to the podcast will have heard it's first foray into a live setting in Belfast where Blindboy discussed the complex situation there with a renowned tour guide and local character. He will aim to do similar in Enniscorthy and will invite a local guest to join him on stage.

Perhaps some of the reason for choosing Enniscorthy is his passion for history and the Battle of Vinegar Hill and Enniscorthy's part in the 1916 Rising are sure to come up at some stage.

Tickets for the show are all but sold out, but you can contact The Presentation Centre or visit to try and secure tickets for what promises to be a memorable night.

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