Saturday 21 September 2019

Castlebridge Community Garden to hold open day

Following the huge success of last year, Castlebridge Community Garden have announced that their second annual open day will be held on Sunday June 21 at 2.00pm, with organisers confident that this year will be 'bigger and better' than the first.

Once again Castlebridge Gospel Choir will provide the entertainment and there will be a selection of beautiful organically grown plants for sale and plenty of activities for the kids.

The open day continues a tradition going back generations to when the Nunn family used to open the grounds of Castlebridge House to the community on Show Day. The Community Garden is proud to reinstate a custom that will provide a link to the past for residents and visitors alike.

Castlebridge Community Garden is located in the historic walled garden of Castlebridge House and has been in existence since spring 2011 when a group of local volunteers started work on clearing the garden.

The entrance to the garden if behind the metal gates opposite St Ibar's Church, and is open most mornings midweek and at 2.00pm on Saturdays when the volunteers meet up.

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