Sunday 20 October 2019

Coppelia ballet

By Esther Hayden

1COPPELIA BALLET. Ballet lovers will be flocking to the National Opera House on November 29 at 7pm to see Ballet Ireland's production of Coppelia. This innovation new version of the 1870 classic created by Morgann Runacre-Temple and librettist Stella Feehily offers a very distinct and engaging twist on this comic ballet. Setting this much loved story in the 1950s at a County Fair and drawing inspiration from sources as wacky and diverse as Tim Burton's Mars Attacks and X Factor choreographer they have created a witty and pertinent ballet inspired by the very modern predilection and all consuming obsession with youthful perfection. Franz and his fiancee Hildy are curious about the beautiful girl Coppela. Jealous of Franz's infatuation with Coppelia Hildy begins to suspect things are not all as they seem. She and her friends decided to follow the starlet home, eventually arriving at Dr Copplius laboratories. Inside they stumble upon a magical and strange world, uncovering secrets that will change them forever. Tickets can be booked online or from the National Opera House.

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