Monday 24 June 2019

David's story a winner

David Halpin
David Halpin

Maria Pepper

The winner of the short story competition in this year's Wexworlds Sci Fi and Fantasy Festival was David Halpin who was presented with the award at a ceremony in the National Opera House. David runs Circle Stories, a folklore resource, writing about local and seasonal lore as well as superstitions and mythology.

Based in Rathvilly, Co. Carlow, he brings folklore to groups and clubs such as old folks homes and writes for various magazines and websites on topics related to folklore and ancient history.

The winning story is called The Sitting Up and is based on an old Irish custom where a village seer or wise woman would wait in a graveyard on certain days, such as the solstice, experiencing visions of the ghosts of former villagers taken by the fairies, as well as those who would be taken in the year ahead.

The story is about a couple who become lost in the Wicklow mountains and end up meeting a seer who seems to have been expecting one of them. The Wexworlds fiction competition is a creative writing award which takes place every year and is open to writers all around the world.

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