Thursday 14 December 2017

Drama Society's impressive one-act plays

A CAPACITY crowd filed into the Wexford Arts Centre on Friday night to see some of the best acting talent Wexford Drama Group had to offer, and they weren't disappointed in the slightest. A mixture of drama and comedy stirred a variety of emotions among the audience members and had them both in stitches and in tears at various points of the evening. The production took the form of three short one-act plays.

Riders To The Sea by renowned Irish playwright JM Synge is a story of love and loss that tells the harrowing tale of an old widow's personal battle with the sea which has devastating consequences on her family life. Notable performances included Aine Gannon in the role of the tormented and heartbroken widow and mother Maurya, and her two daughters Cathleen and Nora, brilliantly played by Patrice Mcgillycuddy and Shannon Smythe. In a relatively short period of time, the play really gives the audience a warm but also haunting image of rural Western society.

Next on the bill was the breathtaking modern classic Bar And Ger written by Geraldine Aron. The piece contained just two characters and centred around the close relationship between brother and sister – Bar played by Nigel Conway and Ger played by Olga Conway. The two delivered an acting masterclass as they depicted a closeness that can only exist between brother and sister, and brought the audience on a journey from laughter to tears as they delivered hilarity and tragedy in equal measure.

The production finished off with a side-splittingly funny Ghost Night by John Grange and Peter Vincent. We are presented with a group of women who are all very different but combine to fantastic comedic effect. Linda Hynes stole the show in her portrayal of the character Bella, delivering punch lines with expert timing and a great enthusiasm to an audience that was doubled up with laughter. Other notable performances included Emma Moynihan in the role of Wendy, a quiet girl who conquers her fear of being alone, and Theresa Boyle as the snooty Consuela. However, the whole cast had comedy acting down to a tee and delivered a fantastically light-hearted and warm piece.

The cast and crew did an amazing job in putting the productions together and we anxiously await Wexford Drama Group's next offering.

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