Thursday 27 June 2019

Ferns doctor aims to help Red Cross with new CD

Dr Brian Wall in the studio overseeing the creation of 'The Rights of Man'.
Dr Brian Wall in the studio overseeing the creation of 'The Rights of Man'.

Pádraig Byrne

A Ferns-based doctor who has taken part in humanitarian work across the globe is hoping continue his work to help those desperately in need this Christmas by launching a special CD.

Originally from Dublin, Dr Brian wall has huge experience in the humanitarian sector, having worked for the likes of UNICEF, Red Cross, Irish Aid and Concern in places like Sierra Leone, Yemen, Turkey, Uganda and Geneva. Over the course of his career, he has seen first-hand the challenges facing these organisation in some of the most deprived countries in the world.

It was for this reason, he decided to do something to help this Christmas, by putting together a CD to raise funds for the Red Cross, titled 'The Rights of Man'. Brian recruited a team of talented musicians for the cause, calling them 'the most fantastic, committed, innovative and understanding musicians I know'. Contributing musicians come from Cork, Dublin, Kerry and of course Wexford and have given their time graciously to help the Irish Red Cross.

While the CD features a traditional Irish band, it includes music across a wide range of genres, from jazz to classical and folk. Among the track listing is an original piece written and composed by Brian, which attempts to capture the spirit of the Red Cross.

'It's a tremendously important organisation both for Ireland and the international landscape,' he said. 'I spent lots of time in the field, and I know the degree to which the Red Cross Movement achieves its objectives and how it actually is the only organisation which has the capacity and scale to mobilise the power of humanity. And that's what I said on the CD.'

In the piece, Brian paints a picture of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement from its foundation by Henri Dunant at the Battle of Solferino, through two world wars, to the present day.

Alongside this track, the CD comprises a broad range of themes - from tales of war and touching tributes, to uplifting Irish jigs, patriotic poems and a festive Irish carol.

CDs are available to purchase from the Irish Red Cross for €10 (postage and packaging is an additional €5) by calling 01-642-4600 and all support for the venture is greatly appreciated.

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