Sunday 18 August 2019

Galbally native Ned Fenlon rolls to victory at the Run 4 Nepal

96-year-old Ned at the start of the race - he was the first person over 70 to cross the finish line.
96-year-old Ned at the start of the race - he was the first person over 70 to cross the finish line.
Ned Fenlon and his family before the start of the race which aimed to raise money for Nepal.

By Amy Lewis

Ned Fenlon certainly made his family proud when he was the first person over 70 to cross the finish line at the Run 4 Nepal recently.

The 96-year-old from Galbally celebrated his triumphant moment with his four grandchildren, Aaron, Kyle, Gary and Caitlin, who pushed him across the line in his wheelchair. As he wheeled to the end surrounded by his family, Ned felt 'delighted'.

'It was as if I had finished the Dublin City Marathon,' he said. 'Everyone was cheering and clapping for us as we crossed the finish line.'

Ned was also joined by other members of his family, including daughter Catherine George.

'He was thrilled to complete the race,' said Catherine, who also helped her father along with sister Anne-Marie. 'After it was finished, he told me that he has never been so tired in all of his life. He couldn't wait for a cup of tea!'

Ned's tiredness might have been due to the 'lifts' that he gave to his grandchildren when they wanted a break from the walk.

'My two grandchildren, Aaron and Kyle, stayed with me all the way along but spent more time hitching a ride on my lap than pushing!' he laughed.

In honour of his achievement, Ned was awarded with a voucher for the Wexford Opera House which he hopes to use for a family day out.

Ned wasn't the only one joined by his family for the race. According to Siobhán Doyle, one of the event's main organisers, a huge number of families took part in the race on the day.

'It was a fantastic day out,' she said. 'Over 180 people showed up which was such a brilliant turnout.'

In total, €1800 was raised through the run, which was organised in aid of victims of the Nepal earthquake. As a result of its success, Siobhán and other organisers are hoping to make the event an annual occurrence, aimed at a different cause each year.

However, although he enjoyed the race, Ned isn't so sure that he will be taking part in it again.

'Not on that road anyway! It was full of pot holes and didn't make for a very comfortable journey,' he said. 'I need a good rest now.'

That's not to say that Ned won't take up something else, for he is already thinking about his next endeavor.

'You never know what my next challenge will be!' he said.

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