Monday 18 December 2017

Grandparents' day at Screen National School

Luke, Lucy and James Roche with their grandparents.
Luke, Lucy and James Roche with their grandparents.
Bridget Sinnott, Eileen Hearne & Kathleen Corrigan celebrating grandparents day at Screen NS.
Grace O'Brien with her granny who travelled from Dublin
Mai-Ling Tynan with her Granny Bride Tynan
Ruby Wickham with her grandparents Deirdre Murphy, Paul Murphy and Peg Wickham
J.P. Fielding with his grannies and Amy Murphy with her Granny.
Bonnie Murphy with her grandparents who travelled from Limerick.
Alex Jones with his grandparents.

Screen N.S. celebrated Grandparents' Day recently as part of Catholic Schools' Week. The school welcomed almost 200 grandparents to a special prayer service in St. Cyprian's Church, Screen, which was officiated by Fr. Denis Kelly.

All the children joined with Fr. Kelly in blessing their grandparents by holding out their hands over them. This was a great moment in the church.

All the grandparents were invited into the school for tea, coffee and refreshments before visiting their grandchildren in their classrooms. There were maths demonstrations, home made board games, CRC demonstrations, artwork, displays and many more things for all to see. A great day was had by all, with many grandparents wishing they were attending Screen School today!

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