Friday 19 January 2018

'Heroes' performance at NCH was beyond words

By David tucker

pe heroes violinists
pe heroes violinists
pe heroes liam bates
pe heroes orchestra

The very final moments of Wexford Sinfonia's May Day performance of 'Heroes of The Helen Blake' in the National Concert Hall - both in its great musical achievement and emotional execution - went 'beyond words'.

Composer and Conductor Liam Bates, pictured, maintained a long pause of absolute silence at the end of the final movement, and then the audience rose to a standing ovation.

Lots of tears and full hearts among the audience in the final two movements, especially as the names and memories of the lost Fethard rescuers appeared on screen.

The Norwegian ambassador, Roald Naess, attended the performance and was so impressed that he has suggested that Liam Bates bring 'Heroes', along with the newly-formed National Choir of Men, to perform in Oslo.

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