Saturday 16 February 2019

Jammin for Jarrah on the streets of Wexford

Five-year-old Jarrah Folkman.
Five-year-old Jarrah Folkman.

By David tucker

A busking bonanza with a great cause is due to take place in North Main Street on Friday (June 24) as a father and his six friends bring 'Jammin for Jarrah' to the town as part of a campaign to play 32 gigs in 32 counties in a week aid of a five year old with severe cerebral palsy needs.

Jarrah Folkman is a happy, bright and loving five year old boy from Cootehill, County Cavan who was born in 2011 with Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy, CVI Blindness and Refractory Epilepsy.

Having a child with severe neurological and physical limitations has been extremely challenging for the family but now that Jarrah is getting older it's becoming intensely more of a challenge.

As Jarrah grows his parents will struggle to safely lift him into the car seats, the bath and up the stairs - everyday tasks that most parents take for granted. Having the correct equipment is crucial for Jarrah, it would provide him with comfort and opportunities to live a full life.

Jarrah's father Ben, through his love and passion for music launched 'Jammin for Jarrah' as the primary fund raiser for Jarrah's cause. Ben and six friends embarked on an epic musical journey last Sunday (June 19) and will be in North Main Street in Wexford on Friday (June 24) as part of their ambition to play in one social club or popular spot in every county on the island of Ireland over a week. They head for Greystones in Wicklow following the Wexford gig.

It is set to be a busking bonanza of singsongs, guitars, and even some cowboy hats!! Local musicians in every county are invited to join the lads for a jam. Details of locations on

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