Friday 23 August 2019

Mad Hatters Tea Party at Wells House

1MAD HATTERS TEA PARTY. This fun event returns to Wells House on Sunday, August 23 when the Mad Hatter, Alice, The Queen of Harts and other friends will be hosting their own tea party on the roundabout.

The tea party will have all the traditional bedlam of the original Alice in Wonderland tale and people attending are encouraged to wear their maddest hat and join in the fun.

There will be a barbecue on the day with live music and a very exciting falconry display.

Wells House and Gardens will also be open and people are encouraged to take a tour of both to see a great Victorian house and garden in all its glory.

There will be something for everyone at the tea party including an adventure playground, two woodland walks, living house tour, craft courtyard, terrace gardens, archery, clay pigeon shooting and the Irish Wildlife Sanctuary. Entry is €8 per car.

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