Sunday 20 October 2019

Martina McAteer's art for New York show

‘Old Dreams New Dreams’ by Martina McAteer
‘Old Dreams New Dreams’ by Martina McAteer
Martina McAteer

Maria Pepper

A work by the Wexford artist Martina McAteer has been selected for an exhibition taking place at the Limner Gallery in New York in December.

The work in oils on board called 'Old Dreams, New Dreams' will be shown as part of an international group show by artists from around the world.

In recent years, Martina was voted 'People's Choice' with Pen and Brush Inc in New York, she was awarded official Irish artist tax exemption status and she won the Kells studio prize for painting.

Two of her works 'The Other Side of the Blue' and 'Silencio' have been on show in Wexford Silver Shop on North Main Street during the Opera Festival.

'Old Dreams New Dreams' is about handling disappointment and letting go of things that may not have worked out, making way for new dreams regardless of age, status or circumstances, according to Martina.

'In the times we live in, there seems to be so much pressure to be successful, to look perfect, to fit in and this has brought increasingly unhealthy behaviours in society and increased disconnection'.

'There seems to be a need to impress all except our own true selves. A new dream to one person may be accepting a difficult loss and continuing to live a fulfilling life, for another it could be winning the lottery or the Nobel Prize or it could be improved health. Whatever the dream is,it is through staying inspired and having faith, hope and love that we progress, not just individually but as a society'. 'The Other Side of Blue' was painted after a visit to Chateaux Amboise in France, the last dwelling place of L eonardo da Vinci and represents loss.

Martina is an artist with a unique and innovative approach to her craft. Her works have a dream like, ethereal quality and are imbued with a sense of mystery and magic.

'My work contains almost a secret language of the heart and they have a very powerful emotional impact on the viewer', she said.

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