Tuesday 22 October 2019

Martina's work to be exhibited in Florida

‘Receiving Day’ by Martina McAteer
‘Receiving Day’ by Martina McAteer
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Wexford artist Martina McAteer has been selected as a finalist in the American'Celebrating the Genius of Women' competition which is run by the prestigous group Women in the Arts, Inc.'.

Her work ' Receiving Day' is to be featured in an exhibition in Orlando. The chosen finalists are eligible for $1500 in csh prizes and gallery representation with Batterby Gallery in Florida.

'It's a huge honour for me to get recognition for my work and It is highly rewarding to be able to express myself through painting', said Martina.

'The work 'Receiving Day' was painted around the time a number of children I know were celebrating special occasions in their lives, including First Holy Communions, Confirmations and Barmitzvahs. I thought a lot on the true significance of these celebrations and the ways different religions and cultures celebrate the coming of age of children'

'I often observed the expressions on their faces and I wanted to capture both the innocence and apprehension within the young celebrants on receiving invisible gifts as well as the contrast between the natural rituals in nature which is represented in the free little lovebirds. Receiving Day is an exploration of the mystery of the sacred.'

Martina said she was lucky to have been chosen in the past as ' People's Choice' with Pen and Brush inc. New York as well as being selected for a recent show with the Limner Gallery in New York.

Women in the Arts, Inc. is a non-profit organisation founded in Orlando to recognise the work of women artists and to bring art education to the community. One of its founding statements is:'Art heals by giving voice to the soul'.

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