Tuesday 20 February 2018

Mocha comes home to launch his solo album

Jim Hayes

THE lead singer with some of the best-known local bands of the nineties celebrates the release of his debut solo album on Thursday with a launch party in Wexford the following day.

Ian 'Mocha' Moloney was frontman with Cousin Bill, the Hot Press/Bacardi 'Band of 1997'. He also fronted Slack, the Wexford band who took part in the first Heineken Rollercoaster Tour in the early 1990s.

Now residing in Sweden, Mocha comes home to unveil his first solo release 'All Remembered Is Lost, All Forgotten Is Here' with a launch this Friday night in Macken's, The Bullring, - the venue where it all started for the local singer/songwriter.

After the demise of Cousin Bill, Mocha migrated from playing cover songs on the Wexford music scene to more lucrative tours in Scandinavia, a route well travelled by many Irish artists.

'These tours had a ready made audience that showed the kind of appreciation that most bands could only dream of,' says Mocha.

He says that the only drawback was that it was mainly a glorified cover band circuit, and that throwing in an original song when an audience wasa less attentive was the only way of 'keeping an already bored singer's creative juices flowing'.

He realised that audiences in major cities, such as Stockholm and Helsinki, were 'more receptive to some of the original songs' and - basing himself in Gothenburg - he focussed on the cities, touring and 'hawking' self-funded CDs.

When the opportunity arose, he put together a new Cousin Bill line-up in Sweden, and they released a debut album 'First' in 2013. Still together, Cousin Bill version two are currently writing new material for a probable 2016 release.

The solo album, meanwhile, features ten Mocha originals which did not fit the band's sound. It evolved after the Wexford man retreated to the small Swedish coastal town of Stromstad last year. Recording was completed in March, with Glaswegian producer Big Round Baby (aka Stephen McKinnon) at the production desk.

Ian 'Mocha' Moloney's album launch in Macken's on Friday night gets under way at 8 p.m. The album is available from Thursday on streaming and download sites. For more information, visit


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