Sunday 17 February 2019

Never too late for art

Kitchen Colours
Kitchen Colours
Yellow Trees
Mary Archer at the exhibition

Maria Pepper

It's never too late to do something you love, according to Mary Archer, an artist whose paintings are on display in the Loft of the Stella Maris Centre in Kilmore Quay.

Mary has been painting for many years and this year she obtained a BA in Art at the Wexford Campus of Carlow IT. She has exhibited as part of a group show during the Seafood Festival and in Green Acres but this is her first solo exhibition.

The work on show in the Stella Maris Centre was made during her last year at the Wexford School of Art and Design and consists mainly of oil and acrylic studies of local scenes.

In January of this year, she took photographs in wet and windy weather and used them as a basis for the paintings, focussing on a lonely figure at the Forlorn, bent figures walking at the Memorial Garden and the rocks and seascapes.

Her bright 'kitchen colours' paintings were created on dark, cold evenings in front of a stove where images of kitchen objects appeared on paper and canvas. 'Reflections' is a study of nautre and place; 'Abandoned' is the interior of an old schoolhouse while 'Night Train Journey' is from a photograph taken from the Dublin to Wexford train.

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