Wednesday 13 December 2017

Over 180 works of art go on display for Greenacres exhibition

By Amy Lewis

Mags O'Shea, artist Cathy Walsh and Ann Walsh.
Mags O'Shea, artist Cathy Walsh and Ann Walsh.
Elizabeth Whyte, who opened the exhibition, Gwenda Wallace, Dolores Kehoe, Deirdre Grant and James O'Connor.
Sisters Mary Woodville, Aine Lennon and Christina Carey enjoying the artwork on display.
The exhibiting artists at the exhibition launch in Greenacres.

It may be in its tenth year, but the Greenacres Gallery Open Submission Exhibition is still the picture of success.

Over 150 people came through the gallery doors on opening day to view over 180 artworks that have been contributed by 70 artists from across the country. The walls were adorned with a medley of unique pieces, ranging from the delicate acrylics of Marja Van Kampen to the familiar seascapes of Wexford by Hilary Elmes. Other exhibitors included Jamie Dunne, Anne McLeod and also Valeriu Cazacevshi, who echoed the style of many well-known cubist artists in his works.

'Ziggy' by Anne Marie Bridges also attracted much attention from the crowds who gathered to view the artistic tribute to the late icon David Bowie.

The event was opened by Executive Director of Wexford Arts Centre Elizabeth Whyte, who commended James O'Connor, Julie McGuirk and Mancine for the curation and display of the artwork and described it as 'an art-skill in itself'. She also made a reference to her tenth anniversary as Executive Director of Wexford Arts Centre, saying that when she took up the position in 2006, she felt it was a 'transition point for arts organisations in Wexford'.

'Ten years on we now have a very vibrant and strong cultural spine in Wexford running from the exquisite National Opera House past the open space library and Wexford Arts Centre, Greenacres down to Selskar Abbey, with offshoot cultural ribs along the way including Denis Collins and Padraig Grant galleries, Blue Egg Gallery and ArtPanther, Saturday Gallery and Fusion Café,' she continued.

Almost 200 works of art were whittled down to three as the exhibition awards were chosen. Gwenda Wallace received an award for her piece 'Urban Light II', which was presented by Elizabeth Whyte. Joanne Grant Browne received an award from James O'Connor for her piece 'Lights Out', which reflects on the effects of institutionalised care. Meanwhile, Marcin Tarnawski presented Dolores Kehoe with an award for her submission 'Nostalgia'.

The exhibition will remain open to the public until March 12.

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